SUST Vice Chancellor Checks Registration Processes of Nominated Students for (Special, BTech and HE Employees) Admission

Prof. Eissa Bashir, Vice Chancellor of the University and Head of the Higher Committee for Registration of New Students Nominated for (Special, BTech and HE Employees) Admission, made an inspection tour accompanied by the membership of the committee, namely, Prof. Abdul-Azim Suleiman Al-Mahal, the deputy vice chancellor of the University, Prof Caroline Edward Ayyad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Dr. Maha Fadul, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Afra Hashem, Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, Mr Galal Abdalrahman Mohammed Hammad, head of Private and Technology Admission Administration accompanied by Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, head of the Public Relations and Media Administration.

Prof. Bashir have previously pointed out the necessity of overcoming all the difficulties encountered in the registration process. After the tour, his excellency commented that the start of registration was successful and flowed in a smooth and good manner that reflects the effective arrangements for all stages of the registration process.

On the other hand, his excellency expressed his hope that the new salaries structure for academic staff will be applied, which will greatly help in the smooth flow of the academic process.

It is mention worthy that the inspection tour resulted in a good echo for the students and their families and reflected the extent of the administration's interest in effective management of student affairs.