The University Administration Inspects the Progress of the New Students Registration Process

Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the University, accompanied by Dr. Elfatih Ahmed Hassan, university principal, and Dr. Afra Hashem, Deputy Secretary of the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs, made a tour to inspect the progress of the registration process for new students for the 2021-2022 academic year in the colleges of the main (western) campus. The tour included the colleges of business studies, education, languages, science, computer science and information technology, fine and applied arts, medical laboratories science.

In a statement after the tour, the vice chancellor praised the arrangement, organization and flow of the registration process in the various colleges of the university. His Excellency also pointed out the need to overcome all obstacles to the registration procedures for the convenience of students and expressed his thanks for the efforts of all university staff.

Similarly, another tour to inspect registration procedures was made by Prof Mahdi Abbas Saad Shakak, deputy vice chancellor of the University, accompanied by Prof Caroline Edward Ayyad, Secretary of Scientific Affairs, Mr Galal Abdalrahman Mohammed Hammad, head of Private and Technology Admission Administration, Mr Suleiman Ahmed, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, and Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, head of the Public Relations and Media Administration. The tour targeted the colleges of veterinary medicine, animal production science and technology, engineering and technology industries, water and environmental engineering, agricultural studies.

Prof Mahdi Shakak praised the smoothness of the procedures, describing them as reflecting the precise preparations that preceded the registration process.

Generally, students and parents praised the university administration's interest in facilitating and simplifying procedures.