Closing of the Food Processing Course for Women Entrepreneurs

The activities of the training course on "Entrepreneurship in Food Manufacturing", were concluded in the buildings of the College of Agricultural Studies at Sudan University of Science and Technology. The training course was organized by the university in cooperation with the COMESA Federation of Businesswomen (Sudan Office) and the Business Incubator Program for African Women Entrepreneurs, with the participation of Giad Industrial Group and under the supervision of the Department of Food Science and Technology at the college of agricultural studies.

The closing of the course was honored by the attendance of Prof Mahdi Abbas Shkak, the deputy vice-chancellor of the University, Dr. Abbas Elshaikh Rahma Mohamed, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Studies, representatives of COMESA, Giad Industrial Group, and a group of training course students, professors and those interested in the field.

Deputy Vice Chancellor

Prof Mahdi Abbas Shkak valued, in his speech, the smart and fruitful partnerships that focus on the aspect of education, development and awareness of the sectors of society and its institutions in various fields of work and life. He said, “The university represents a diverse and large incubator for all entrepreneurs, in order to always encourage the achievement of productivity goals and the development of policies and strategic plans that Positive interactive shifts occur at various levels and levels".

Prof Shkak also expressed their absolute belief in the role of science and technology and their effective and real contribution to the development process and development in various fields, as well as raising skills through receiving training and qualification.

He also stressed the need to make room for food manufacturing and providing the opportunity for producers and entrepreneurs to enter their products into the local markets because they contribute to giving an added value that will reflect positively on the national economy, pointing out that food manufacturing is the optimal investment for the country's diverse wealth, rich in resources and products, which qualifies it to be a global destination for all, that manufactures and exports products.

Dean of College of Agricultural Students

Dr. Abbas Elshaikh Rahma Mohamed said that the training course represents a breakthrough and openness to the world with knowledge and science to get out of the cycle of sieges and challenges that surround everyone. He said, “We always aim to provide everyone with renewable and advanced skills and capabilities in all fields, especially industrial ones and productivity. Sudan is fully qualified to be a basket basket. The world’s food and the wealth we possess prove that".

Dr. Rahma also explained that they are constantly striving to implement agreements and protocols on production and food security on the ground. And the brainstorming and knowledge that gained everyone the skills, capabilities and benefit necessary for food production, in addition to the added value of processed food products and their direct impact on the economy, as well as on the marketing side. He also emphasized the establishment of many workshops and training programs in the field and communication with houses of expertise and different production institutions.

Final Comments

In turn, representatives of the COMESA and Industrial Giad spoke and expressed their happiness with the establishment of the industrial food training course, stressing that it represents a real revolution in the field of development, production and self-development. They stressed the need to communicate with the university in the future because of the usefulness, valuable information, knowledge and scientific effort that added to them a lot.

Finally, they thanked the university administration for giving them the space and creating the appropriate atmosphere to receive experiences from its qualified scientific experts with modern and advanced ideas and visions, wishing for further communication.