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2021 FIRST Global Challenge: Sudanese Team Ranked Fourth Globally and First in the Arab world

Despite all the pain, the team representing Sudan got fourth place globally and first in the Arab world in the FIRST Global Challenge with a total of 60 points, with a difference of 3.7 points from first place, one point from second place, and 0.1 from third place

The team also won a silver medal in an award called: Rajaâ Cherkaoui El Moursli Award for Courageous Achievement. It is awarded to teams that have shown exceptional performance during challenges.

Osama Abdelmoneim, one of the team's coaches, will also received the Outstanding mentor medal. The team also deserved an award from FIRST Global

Brief description of the challenge:
It is a set of challenges in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, and their applications in projects related to robotics, miniature satellites, and solutions projects related to finding solutions to actual problems, whether they are in health, environment, economy or education using science and technology tools and Mathematics and engineering.

You can find full details on the competition website first.global