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Vice Chancellor of SUST Receives a Delegation from the World Bank for the National Project for Sustainable Livelihoods in Sudan

Today, in the main campus, Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, met with the delegation of the World Bank headed by Dr. Mohammad Saleh Yassin, First Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Governance, accompanied by Dr. Al-Hassan Al-Khazeen, Director of the Livelihood Project, Dr. Mustafa Sherif, Deputy Project Director, Dr. Andrew Roberts, representative of the World Bank in a number of African countries and Mr. Samuel.

From the university side, the meeting included Prof Mahdi Abbas Shakak, deputy vice chancellor of the University, Dr. Elfatih Ahmed Hassan, the University Principal, and a number of deans of faculties and directors of adminstration offices.

The visit was paid within the framework of the field visits carried out by the World Bank mission to the National Project for Sustainable Livelihoods in Sudan, to find out about the projects of Sudan University of Science and Technology and the areas that need support and funding to achieve the goal of the national project and to review successful models and experiences to bring about development and push it forward to achieve the desired goal.

The vice chancellor welcomed the delegation, expressing his happiness at their visit to the university, stressing that the university works through its various faculties in addition to the academic and research field in the service of society and the people of Sudan in the capital and the states, especially in the fields of engineering, technology and others.

Dr. Mariam Abbas Ibrahim Abdelghafour, Director of External Relations, gave a detailed presentation that included the stages of the university's development and its inclusion of more than 65000 students and 25 colleges in various disciplines.

The deans of the college of engineering, college of engineering and technology of industries, college of fine and applied arts, college of animal production science and technology and the Institute of Family and Community Development gave a presentation on their faculties and their most important projects that need support to move forward to serve the vulnerable segments of youth and women to provide a decent livelihood, especially in the fields of industries Engineering, leather industry, waste recycling, dairy products, meat and arts products such as ceramics, coloring and others, in addition to small handicrafts provided by the Institute in the capital and the states and providing training.

The delegation visited the College of Fine and Applied Arts and also visited the College of Engineering in the Southern Campus, checking a number of laboratories and workshops, where the delegation praised the college's capabilities.

Prof Awad Saad thanked the delegation for visiting the university and expressed his gratitude for taking the time to find out about the university's capabilities.