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Distinguished End and Qualitative Attendance of the National Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs

The activities of the National Workshop for Women Entrepreneurs were concluded at the Revolution Martyrs' Hall at the western campus, which came under the title "Building Intellectual Property Capacity for Female Entrepreneurs in Sudan" and under the slogan "A Successful Woman with an Intellectual Mind", which was organized by the Deanship of Scientific Research in cooperation with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the Intellectual Property Registrar in Sudan and under the patronage of Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the University, and the supervision of the Women Entrepreneurs Project in Sudan, and with the honoring presence of Prof. Amel Omer Bakhiet, Dean of Scientific Research, Ms Iman Alatabani, General Adviser to the Ministry of Justice, and Dr. Somaya Abdel Hamid Sayed Ahmed, Project Director in Sudan in addition to a large number of Sudanese women entrepreneurs in various fields and a group of attendees, experts and those interested.

During the closing session of the workshop, the stories of distinguished women entrepreneurs were reviewed and their successful experiences were reflected in their projects that they implemented and the products they entered into the Sudanese market. Ms. Lilian Nantume presented, via Zoom technology, a summary of her experiences in the field of entrepreneurship, followed by a lecture given by Dr. Mohammad Alhadi Ahmed On "the role of creative marketing in raising production to reach the market", the legal advisor Zainab Mohammad Alshami also presented a scientific research paper titled "How to register industrial models as patents. In her research paper", Ms. Houria Ismail spoke about "developing the brand to become of high value in market".

At the end of the workshop, certificates were distributed for the outstanding works of the participating Sudanese women entrepreneurs. A discussion, brainstorming, dialogue, exchange of ideas and cross-fertilization of visions resulted in outputs and recommendations, the most prominent of which was the necessity of holding several workshops and training courses in the field of intellectual property, helping women entrepreneurs register their brand and issuance of registration certificates, the importance of women pioneers communicating with intellectual property and WIPO to support and showcase innovative scientific projects that are implemented in Sudan and Africa, activating the role of media and documentation and involving it in the process of introducing, educating and raising awareness of the concepts of protecting rights and intellectual property.