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SUST Vice Chancellor and Representatives of the Ministry of Petroleum and Petronas Witness Honoring Celebration of Outstanding Students

Date: Sunday, 19th of September 2021.

The vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, Prof Awad Saad Hassan, addressed a ceremony in the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology, honoring the outstanding students who received the Malaysian Petronas scholarship. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Ayman Aboul-Goukh, Director of Sudan National Petroleum Corporation (Sudapet) Company, the representative of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Oil, and the representative of Forcast Company, Mr. Amjad Shaaban, representative of Sopco Company and Ms. Mai Gadalla who is the director of human resources at Petronas, in addition to deans from various colleges and professors.

Prof Awad welcomed the audience and expressed his happiness and pleasure to be in such forum to honor the university students for their excellence and superiority, witnessing their excellence since they entered the university with high success rates.

His excellency also described the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology as a distinguished college locally and globally. It opens positive opportunities globally. He also called the students to maintain their distinguished level and more youth creativity because the new Sudan is waiting for them to progress through production and creativity.

Mr. Ayman Aboul-Goukh, Director of Sudapet Company, representative of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Energy and Oil, addressed the ceremony, thanking Petronas for their generosity, which contributes to community development. Mr. Aboul-Goukh stressed the need for institutions to integrate with universities in the fields of research, application and training.

Furthermore, Mr. Aboul-Goukh announced that Sudapet Company will train 50 of the Students from various universities, most of them from Sudan University of Science and Technology, which confirms its distinction. He explained that the students are accommodated in a training program that extends for a year and a half. Finally, he thanked Petronas, the Malaysian National Oil and Gas Company, for honoring the students and for their services and generosity in Sudan, which spanned for more than twenty years, praising the great cooperation between the company and the ministry.

Dr. Elham Mohammed Mohammed Khair, Dean of the College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology addressed the opening of the honoring ceremony, welcoming the attendees, appreciating the role of Petronas and explaining that it is the first honoring ceremony by Petronas after the glorious December revolution.

Dr. Elham added that Petronas was committed to funding students who are in need by paying their tuition fees. Today, Petronas continues to honor outstanding students by honoring 84 students in various petroleum engineering majors and other engineering majors in electric and electronic engineering and mechanical engineering, by distributing certificates of appreciation to motivate the rest of the students to work hard.

Dr. Elham thanked Bisco for providing two scholarships at the master's level and one scholarship at the doctoral level for the college, wishing the rest of the companies to follow this approach, which deepens the relationship between the college and the oil companies.

Ms. Mai Gadalla, Director of Human Resources Department at Petronas, also addressed the ceremony, explaining that Sudan is one of the first countries that received the interest of Petronas in the fields of education, development and training, and also one of the first countries to receive a Petronas scholarship for Sudanese universities.

Ms. Gadalla also described Sudan University as being distinguished due to its distinguished students who get the highest rate of scholarships compared to other universities. She also revealed that other disciplines other than engineering will be included next year, noting that the details of these disciplines that will be included in the Petronas scholarship will be announced soon.

In the end, the 84 outstanding students were honored with certificates of appreciation.