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1N1T Team from Sudan University Wins First Place and Qualifies to Participate in the Regional Competition for Cyber Security

The 1N1T team from Sudan University of Science and Technology won first place at the level of Sudan National Cyber Security CTF Competition 2020, where the participants demonstrate their technical ability in the various fields of cybersecurity. It is worth noting that after this competition, three teams from the national competition qualify to participate and represent Sudan in the regional competition that will be held on October 30, which brings together Arab and African countries. It is an information security competition held annually organized by Cybertalents In collaboration with Trendmicro.

The 1N1T team consists of students:

  • Basil Ahmed Altayeb - Year 3 - Information Technology
  • Mohamed Almahadi Khalaf Allah - Year 3 - Information Technology
  • Zahir Tariq Osman - Year 2 - Information Technology
  • Mohammed Zain Abdel Nasser - Nile Valley University, fourth year, Information Technology