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Launch of Respiratory System Exams and Training Course for Students of the College of Medicine

Examinations for respiratory diseases and training courses have been launched in Al-Shaab Teaching Hospital in Khartoum, for semester-4 (Batch-1) students of the College of Medicine, under the auspices of Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the University and the supervision of Dr. Etedal Ahmed AbuElbasher Ibrahim, Dean of the College of Medicine and Consultant of Internal Medicine, Brain and Neurology, and coordinated by Dr. Marwa Mohammad Yousif, Dr. Nazik Alamin Mohammad Ahmad and Dr. Alrasheed Awouda, internal medicine specialists.

Prof. Etedal AbuElbasher confirmed that the training contributes to raising the students' capabilities and qualifying them to become professional and successful doctors in the future. It also boosts their self-confidence and helps them develop the art of dealing with patients, examining them, requesting the necessary examinations for the concerned patient and deciding treatment according to type and nature of the disease.

"We have coordinated closely with the administration of Al-Shaab Teaching Hospital through the Ministry of Health to put all the health precautions and considerations related to the prevention of Covid-19. This is to ensure the safety of our group of (110)", Prof. Etedal added.

Prof. Etedal also expressed her happiness with the students' interaction with the training courses, signs of their academic excellence, and their great desire to receive knowledge. She explained that the exam is conducted inside the hospital (clinically) by internal and external examiners with competencies and expertise from the Ministry of Health and various Sudanese universities. She also called for the need to provide more support, intensify efforts, provide the largest amount of materialistic and moral aids, and focus on developing students' scientific and medical abilities and skills.

She added, "The students, in return, must offer more dedication and demonstrate excellence, because the medical profession needs patience, determination and strong will." She indicated that their ambition is to reach the regional and global levels. Finally, she thanked the university administration, the Ministry of Health and Al-Shaab Hospital Administration for their fruitful cooperation and support.

Dr. Marwa Mohamed Yousif, the coordinator of the training course and the supervisor of the exam, spoke on behalf of the supervisors and coordinators. "The early start of training courses opens channels of communication with the community and health institutions in Sudan and increases the student’s ability to communicate with patients. It also provides them with opportunities to benefit from direct experiences with specific conditions and injuries, and gives them the necessary expertise in the medical field, which requires dealing quickly, effectively and accurately with patients.

Dr. Marwa also explained that the aim of the course is to link the basic sciences in the initial classes to what the student receives in the advanced classes, which makes students more enlightened and familiar with the subjects of the specialization.

Dr. Marwa noted that the exam is conducted in the form of an integrated curriculum system, which is characterized by difficulty, complexity, and exhausting physically and mentally, as each student is tested individually. She explained that it represents the best method used in all international universities and gives feasible and useful results, thus guaranteeing a distinguished level for the graduates of the College of Medicine and also contributing to the university's accreditation procedures in the future.

Through surveying of students, great satisfaction was felt in addition to acceptance and satisfaction with the programs, training courses and scientific workshops offered by the College of Medicine.