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The Deanship of Scientific Research Organizes a Lecture on Electronic Scientific Publishing

The Deanship of Scientific Research at Sudan University of Science and Technology organized, within its scientific program series, a lecture titled

Electronic Publishing

presented by Prof Yassin Dagash, an expert in the field. The lecture was attended by Prof Amal Omar Bakhit, Dean of Scientific Research, and a group of attendees, researchers and students.

Prof Amal Omar Bakhit welcomed the audience and stressed the importance of research publishing in all scientific fields through channels and refereed scientific journals. She said "Our goal is for science and research to be within the reach of everyone to benefit and achieve the desired development at various levels". She explained that knowledge and innovation are the features of renaissance and modernity.

Prof Yassin Dagash reviewed in his lecture the best ways to search for the most famous titles of scientific journals, how to choose research, document and publish. He said "Scientific publishing via the Internet greatly reduced the use of paper and preserved for publishers their rights to documentation. It also facilitated the process of distribution and dissemination of information, which led to Reducing costs".

Prof Dagash advised researchers to publish their research through the Academia browser as one of the distinguished journals in the research field due to its rich content, abundance of information, and its interest in evaluating and documenting scientific research and provides its services free of charge. At the end of the lecture, the audience interacted with discussion and enriching questions.