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Sudan University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sudanese Football Association

Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, welcomed the President of the Sudanese Football Association, Prof Kamal Shaddad, and the accompanying delegation.

Prof Shaddad explained that their collaboration with Sudan University is a great honour for the leadership of the Union and he assured of the necessity of partnership with the University because of its distinction and inclusion of the college of Physical Education and Sports and for the diversity of its disciplines.

He added that there is a serious tendency from the side of the Union to establish partnerships with universities because it is time for qualification and gaining experience from partnerships with universities, and Sudan University agreed with the Union's vision to enter into this partnership to qualify administrators and athletes.

Furthermore, a memorandum of joint cooperation was signed between the university and the union, where the vice chancellor signed on behalf of the university and Prof Kamal Shaddad signed on behalf of the union. From the university side, the audience included Prof Mahdi Abbas Saad Shakak, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, Dr Elfatih Ahmed Hassan, the University Principal and a number of college deans. From the Union’s side, the audience included Dr. Hassan Abu Jabal, Secretary General of the Union and the member of the University Council, members of the Board of Directors of the Union, officials of the various departments of the Union and Professor Ahmed Adam, Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports.

The agreement between the two parties resulted from their belief in the necessity of development and professional expansion in the fields of sports and rehabilitation of individuals in various sports fields. The two parties are confident to cooperate through joint committees in the fields of training, scientific services, academic and technical consultations and through the integration of sports, research and training activities and the optimal use of scientific capabilities, infrastructure and all available resources to achieve common goals and provide distinguished sports services through the exchange of experiences and cross-fertilization of ideas.

While Professor Kamal Shaddad stressed on the union's willingness to support the College of Physical Education and Sports by involving the training specialists from the college students in the programs for preparing young people locally and regionally, in addition to providing opportunities for university employees through the College of Physical Education and Sports with estimated rates in the rehabilitation programs in the fields of arbitration and training internally and externally.

Therefore, Prof Awad Saad directed to immediately start implementing the terms of the agreement, announcing the dedication of scientific, research and human capabilities of the university to provide everything that helps to rehabilitate and develop the workers and employees of the union.

Dr. Maryam Abbas, manager of the External Relations Administration, gave an informative presentation about the university reflecting the capabilities of the university.