The Vice Chancellor Addressing the Online Education Lecture: “Our experience in Online Education Qualified us to Take the Lead and Bring About Positive Change in Society”

The e-learning administration at Sudan University of Science and Technology held a scientific lecture under the title "Content Development for Online Education" presented by Mr. Faiz Babiker Eljunaid, an engineer and expert in the field, an e-learning developer and consultant. The session was chaired by Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university, and Dr. Ebtihal Haidar Gismalla, manager of the E-Learning Administration and SUST Web Administration at the university and was attended by deans of colleges, e-learning coordinators, professors and those interested.

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan said that the university’s early adoption of e-learning methods paved the way for it to reach advanced positions in various modern technology fields, where winning many awards is an evidence of that.

He said, “Our accumulated experience has a great positive impact on society in its various segments, and this originates from our relentless pursuit to qualify our employees, enhance their skills and build the necessary capabilities for innovation and creating a suitable climate for competition at the regional and international levels", he explained that the media is the main pillar in the university’s renaissance at its various levels. His Excellency valued the role and efforts of the Public Relations and Media Department and the great positive role it plays and through them he congratulated all university employees on the occasion of Eid Al-Adha, wishing them further excellence, progress and development.

Dr. Ebtihal Haider Gismalla explained that "the lecture is intended to focus on the experience of e-learning and its importance in transferring science and knowledge through technology, through which we target the employees of the E-Learning Administration and the e-learning coordinators in the university’s colleges.

She said "e-learning is of great importance in spreading knowledge and science in an effective and efficient manner. This was evident during the Covid19 pandemic and its repercussions that called for closure and social distancing, and everyone resorted to dealing through social, educational and technical communication, benefiting from the provision of modern media, which contributed to bridging the academic gap left by the pandemic". She also expressed her happiness with the content of the lecture and its impact on the recipients.

Mr. Faiz Babiker Eljunaid mentioned that the University has benefited from the human and technical capabilities available to it in overcoming the negative effects of Covid19, which negatively affected other sectors, and said "the experience of online education is successful at the global level, and we transferred it to Sudan and it was applied in universities in general and with distinction in the Sudan University of Science and Technology. This issue is obviously represented in the smooth delivery of the required material and information electronically to the students".

He pointed out that the distance education process consists in uploading files, books and scientific lectures via the Internet, using multimedia, communication and media means, electronic platforms and links on web pages, where each medium has its own characteristics, advantages and capabilities different from the other, and showed that this process depends on effective and modern tools that can be utilized to deliver the readable, pictured or recorded message and achieve the desired goal.

It is worth noting that the lecture was highly praised and applauded by the attendees who interacted with it with discussion, questions and brainstorming.