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A Final Inspection Tour of the Registration Process for New Students

Prof Awad Saad Hassan, Vice Chancellor of the university, made an inspection tour accompanied by Prof. Mahadi Abbas Shakak, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, Mr. Jalal Abdalrahman, Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Gamar Aldawla Hussein, Executive Director of the Vice Chancellor’s Office, and Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, Manager of Public Relations and Media.

The tour inspected the activities of the final day of the new students registration process, at the registration locations in the western (main) campus and the College of Technology.

"Today is the end of the time period that was set for the registration of our new students", Prof Saad commented gratefully in a statement after the tour.

"With continuous follow-up of the registration process, we received feedback that it went well, in a fast and efficient manner, based on the positive and reassuring statements of students and parents, which was received directly and through social media", added Prof Saad.

"The university through the Deanship of Admission and Registration has developed a robust plan for the flow of registration steps and procedures in a way that supports and maintains and reflects a good impression of the university locally, regionally and globally, adding that the university has drawn up plans And the programs that help and support this aspect.

Finally, the Vice Chancellor expressed his great thanks and gratitude to everyone who participated and contributed to the success of the registration process in the various sites and concluded his statement commenting that "We always encouraged embracing team spirit, among the university’s employees since we took over the university administration, which brings good results without a doubt".