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More Benefit for Society: An Incubator for Chemical Industries at Sudan University for Waste Recycling

Prof Awad Saad Hassan, Vice Chancellor of the university, chaired the first introductory meeting of the members of the Chemical Industries Incubator Council, where the meeting took place in the main campus.

The incubator is for entrepreneurship in projects related to chemical engineering, specifically targetting  paper recycling, plastic waste and food waste, in addition to getting rid of waste by producing products that benefit community, for example exploiting food waste to make organic fertilizers, which is more beneficial than chemical fertilizers that harm the soil and the environment in the long run.

Also, one of goals of the incubator is to open up areas of entrepreneurship for graduates from Sudan university (or other universites as well), by providing adequate training and promoting special skills related to chemical engineering.

There will be coordination, consultation and reflection between the director of the incubator and bank managers on how to find support for the incubator's projects. The meeting confirmed that an agreement will be made with the Khartoum state government to set up a workshop to identify how the incubator can obtain waste to operate its functions with the help of the state.