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Sudan University Signs a Memorandum of Cooperation with University of Elimam Elmahdi

Sudan University of Science and Technology signed a memorandum of joint cooperation with Elimam Elmahdi university at their main headquarters in Kosti, where Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university, signed on behalf of Sudan University, and Dr. Alhadi Badawi Mahjoub, the Vice-chancellor of University of Elimam Elmahdi.

The two parties agreed on cooperation and integration in academic, research and training activities and the optimal utilization of the scientific capabilities of the two universities and infrastructures to achieve common goals and interests and to provide distinguished services. To exchange students and professors and cooperate in the fields of academic and professional training.
In conclusion, Prof Awad Saad stressed his university's readiness to provide everything in its power to support Elimam Elmahdi University.