SUST Engineers Association Provides Ramadan Baskets for Workers in the College of Engineering

Mujaddoun organization, in cooperation with the Union of Arab Doctors under the supervision of the College of Engineering at Sudan University of Science and Technology, and Sudan University Engineer's Association provided the Ramadan Basket for the workers of the College of Engineering in the Southern Campus, in the presence of Ms Azza Kamal El-Din Hussein, representative of the administration at the College of Engineering, and Mr Ezzedine Osman, assistant representative of the university’s engineers Association and Ms Rahil Hassan AlTayeb, representative of Mujaddidoun Organization.

Ms Azza Kamal Eldin expressed her happiness for distributing the Ramadan basket to the workers and said that the aim of the basket is to repair the social solidarity fabric and cover the needs of the remainder of the holy month, and we target with such activity the deprived segments of the university employees, specifically workers and guards in the southern campus. She also added that the contents of the basket correspond to urgent and important needs in light of the current economic situation.

Ms Rahil Hussein Altayeb explained that the Ramadan basket came in response to the call of university graduates at the College of Engineering, as a gesture of loyalty to the workers, for their unlimited estimated effort, and she said that the basket contributes in an appreciable way to raising and alleviating the difficult and economic hardship of living, especially for low-income families, and indicated that the basket consists of food supplies, which helps directly in meeting the basic needs of (165) individual workers. She also stressed the continuation of charitable and humanitarian support in the future, and said that "there is no good in us if we do not take care of the deprived".

Mr Ezzeldin Osman Musaad said that the initiative is not the first, for the previous year they distributed Adha meat to workers in coordination with the external authorities and the college administration. He also added that they have multiple initiatives that included environmental sanitation and preparing the academic environment at the university and their work will continue in various social and academic aspects. Furthermore, he revealed that there are participatory projects with engineering graduates for developing the college, and he stated that the food basket covered all workers in the southern campus and brought happiness to our hearts before their hearts.

It is worth noting that the workers expressed their happiness with the Ramadan basket, amid their invitations and great thanks to the family of the university and the organization.