Vice Chancellor Inaugurates the Initiative of the Administration and National Service Recruits to Support Workers

Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university, inaugurated the initiative of the (Administration and National Service Recruits to Support Workers) in the presence of Mr. AbdelHalim Mohamed AbdelHalim, the secretary general and media and external relations secretary, for the steering committee of the university teachers union, where he praised the idea of ​​the initiative in helping and supporting workers by providing goods necessary for the holy month of Ramadan, and stressed on the university’s keenness to stand up and support all projects that support workers and reduce the burden of living.

Prof Hassan praised the great efforts of the recruits of National Service, stating that the youth are the fuel of the glorious December revolution, and they are counted on a lot in building the new Sudan, adding that with such initiatives and projects, Sudan is built by the arms of its loyal sons.

It is worth noting that this initiative came with individual contributions from the national service recruits at the university, their families, and donations from good people, and more than 750 Ramadan baskets were distributed to university workers in the various colleges. His Excellency thanked those in charge of the initiative and extended his thanks to Dal Food Companies, Wita, Murooj, and Mahjoub Sons for sponsoring and providing goods.