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Workshop from CCSIT: Participating in Local and International Competitions

An introductory workshop was held at the College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CCSIT) about participating in local and international competitions.

The College of Computer Science and Information Technology (CCSIT) has continuous  endeavor to connect its students with local and international events and competitions, and in the presence of Dr. Wafa Faisal, Dean of the College, an introductory workshop was organized by Ms. Reem Al Mahdi and Mr. Muayad Hassan, on the Zindi platform, which provides data that helps in finding solutions to research problems, and therefore serving many bodies that communicate with the platform in the form of offering competitions for university students. Also, Zendi platform provides solutions to employment problems through graduate participation in competitions by targeting solutions presented by distinguished students, in addition to winning financial prizes.

Note that Zindi is considered the largest platform for artificial intelligence competitions on the African continent. It organizes competitions and cooperates with companies to launch competitions that contribute to solving corporate problems with artificial intelligence. Teams of students and graduates of different universities participate in the competition and win is for one university in the country whose students and graduates participate in the competition.