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In the Midst of Cheerful Celebration SUST Honors Prof. Al-Shifa

The university organized a celebration for Prof. Al-Shifa Abdel-Qader Hassan, the former Director of the UNESCO Chair, who held many positions at the university, under the auspices of Prof Eisa Bashier Mohamed, vice chancellor of Sudan University of science and Technology.

The celebration was organized by SUST, represented by the College of Education, the Institute for Family and Community Development, the UNESCO Chair for Women, Science and Technology at the university, honored a number of organizations, institutions, social bodies and individuals.

The even was attended by Prof. Shambul Adlan, chair of SUST board of directors, and Prof. Ezz El-Din Mohamed Osman, Academic Advisor to SUST's VC, and Dr. Yahya Abdallah, Advisor to SUST's VC for Technology, Prof. Maher Salih, the Faculty of Forestry and Range Sciences, in addition to a number of university directors, professors, representatives of many Sudanese companies and institutions, regional and international organizations, and a group of attendees.

Prof. Shambul Adlan expressed his happiness at the honoring celebration and said, "We nominate Prof. Al-Shifa for the position of Emeritus Professor for her scientific and social excellence". His Excellency explained that honoring her represents pride for the university, Sudan and all women.

"Al-Shifa is a leading woman in various fields, and her reputation is good and distinguished in various forums. We seek to immortalize her name by naming one of the university halls after her", he added.

Prof. Shambul also indicated that the celebrated woman played the societal roles through the various industrial incubators at the university, from which thousands of Sudanese men and women benefited, and everyone, thanks to her renaissance initiatives, became creative and productive.

Dr. Najwa Abdellatif, Chair of the Committee for the initiative, welcomed all the attendees and participants in the event and appreciated the roles of the organizing committee for the honoring.

"Honoring Professor Al-Shifa comes from the heart and mind, and her achievements are great and distinguished in various sectors", Dr. Najwa added. Najwa wished health, wellness, and continued giving to the celebrated.

Dr. Noha Ibrahim, Dean of the College of Education, stated that Professor Al-Shifa is a "mother" for everyone, and her lofty achievements testify to her giving and dedication. She commented "Great thanks and gratitude for what Al-Shifa provided, the teacher, the educator, and the human being with sensitivity and sophisticated and fruitful interaction", and she expressed more by adding, "He who does not thank people does not thank Allah".