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VC Bids Farewell to SUST’s Second Convoy to Affected Areas in Almanagil

Prof. Eisa Bashir Mohamed, Vice Chancellor of the Sudan University of Science and Technology, bid farewell to the second university convoy heading to Al-Managil area to support those affected by natural disasters in the previous period. The convoy comes as a donation, support and contribution from the university’s employees who donated a day’s salary for the convoy.

His Excellency indicated that the convoy contains support for 150 families for the various nutritional needs of the month of Ramadan, noting that this support at this time represents the highest values of solidarity among members of Sudanese community.

Dr. Abd Al-Salam Kamel, Dean of Students Affairs and Chairman of the Higher Committee of the convoy, emphasized the university's support for the Sudanese people in all the natural disasters they are exposed to."The convoy is human cohesion and active participation of university workers affected by natural conditions and disasters in the Managil region", he added.

Dr. Abd Al-Salam called on all the various state institutions to provide their support to the Sudanese people affected by natural disasters and to take into account the economic conditions the country is going through.

The students participating in the convoy expressed their happiness with their belonging to the university, thanking the university for managing their active participation with all sectors of society. They also emphasized providing the necessary support for the convoy.

It is worth noting that the convoy covers medical and health aspects, including clinics, a pharmacy, a dental, and optics laboratory, and accompanied by students of medical laboratories, medicine, pharmacy, and dentistry from the University, and under the supervision of a number of professors and specialists, in addition to the religious advocacy convoy led by Dr. Abdelsamad Ali Abdelsamad, from the Institute of Islamic Science and Research.