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SUST Signs an MoU with the Roads, Bridges and Drainage Cooperation

Since Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) has strong belief in the need to strengthen scientific cooperation and in recognition of the need to develop ways of development and expansion in the fields of scientific research and community service, and in the context of strengthening joint cooperation between institutions, government agencies and scientific institutions to solve community issues, SUST signed a memorandum of understanding with the Roads, Bridges and Water Draining Cooperation (RBDC), the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation, Khartoum State.

The signing event was attended by Dr. Mohammad Awad Al-Sheikh, Deputy Principal of the University, Mr. Mustafa Al-Jak, Director of the Sudan Center for Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Mohammed Alamin Ahmed, Dean of the College of Engineering, Director of the Engineering Consultation Center, Dr. Huda Osman Abdullah, Director of Public Relations and Media, Dr. Maryam Abbas, Director of External Relations and a number of academic staff from the College of Engineering, advisors and directors of departments in RDBC.

Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamed, Vice Chancellor of the University, signed on behalf of SUST and Engineer Mukhtar Omar Saber, general director of RDBC, signed on behalf of RDBC.

The two parties agreed on joint cooperation in the academic, research and training fields, the optimal use of resources, the exchange of experiences, and the provision of services in the areas of infrastructure to serve the community and support scientific research. Academic and professional training.

Prof. Bashier expressed his happiness at signing the memorandum and stressed the need to form a committee from both parties to implement the MoU immediately by defining a clear framework for specific meetings in the year and an annual meeting for planning, implementation and follow-up through research, feasibility studies, training and applied graduation projects.

Prof. Bashier added that the university is an applied incubator to find outputs and solutions to real problems and quickly remedy them to overcome dilemmas in the service of society within the framework of partnership and integration with RDBC.

Engineer Mukhtar Omar praised SUST for its continuous development and considering it the pride of Sudanese universities by maintaining their academic level. He added that the situation in Sudan requires taking advantage of the available capabilities to push it forward, expressing his readiness to implement all the lighting projects and other required by the university, praising the great work, outstanding effort and high efficiency for university graduates who have been accepted into the commission.

Furthermore, Prof. Bashier stressed that the university has extended its hand to all parties and institutions to solve many problems, expressing his hope that the partnership with RDBC will be fruitful and fulfilling ambition.

Mr. Mustafa Al-Jack presented a training course in the field of entrepreneurship and small projects for the employees of the corporation. Eng Mukhtar Omar presented the university with a gift of two electrical transformers. The graduate of the University of Sudan, Mohammad Abdallah Kabir, who works in RDBC, was also honored.

A presentation was made by Dr. Mariam Abbas, Director of External Relations, demonstrating SUST's different faculties and their presence in ten campus locations in the state of Khartoum, as well as the university's progress and development.