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Animal Welfare | A Scientific Symposium at SUST

The College of Veterinary Medicine at Sudan University of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Animal Welfare Organization, organized a symposium on Animal Welfare.

The workshop was attended by the Director of the IGAD Center for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development (ICPALD), the representative of the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Animal Resources, the Secretary-General of the Sudanese Veterinary Council, the focal point, the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) focal point representative, a number of professors of veterinary colleges, employees of the Ministry of Animal Resources and the Equestrian Federation, veterinarians and those interested in animal welfare.

Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Al-Mahal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), welcomed the guests, explaining the importance of animal welfare  for enhancement of animal resources and thus increasing per capita income.

Dr. Rehab Mohamed Abdel Ghaffar, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine at the university, said that SUST represented by all its faculties and research and service centers, remained interested in the issues of the country and made every effort to find solutions to these issues.

Furthermore, she explained that the College of Veterinary Medicine, as one of the chapters of this system, has since its establishment been contributing to scientific research and seminars in addressing livestock issues in the areas of animal health and animal welfare research, in addition to its awareness and service of livestock breeders.

She also pointed out that the concepts of animal welfare were enjoined by the true Islamic religion, and an embraced culture of the Sudanese society, and in 2015 the Animal Welfare Act was issued.

The director of the IGAD Center for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development spoke at the symposium, explaining the importance of applying animal welfare standards and concepts for the advancement and development of livestock.

The representative of the Director of the Animal Welfare Organization in Sudan, Iman Awad Al-Karim, also addressed the seminar, explaining the importance of cooperation between the organization and the colleges of veterinary medicine and the Ministry of Animal Resources.

Three lectures were presented during the symposium.

  1. "Priority Areas for Intervention on Animal Welfare and Practice in IGAD region", presented by Dr. Wamalwa Kinyanjui, Animal Health Expert at IGAD Center for Pastoral Areas and Livestock Development.
  2. "Animal Welfare: Welfare of Draught Donkeys in Khartoum State", presented by Dr. Hind Elrayah, an associate professor in the college of veterinary medicine.
  3. "The effect of application of animal welfare principles on beef calves’ health and productivity", presented by Dr. Amjad Safwat, a consultant for animal health and production for several projects.