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Deputy Vice Chancellor of SUST Meets a Delegation of the League of Arab States

Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Al-Mahal, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST), met with with the delegation of the League of Arab States, the Union of Arab Exporters and Importers, and the Council of Arab Economic Unity led by Dr. Amal Hassan Zaki, President of the Union.

The president of the Union was accompanied by Dr. Saad Rashid, Secretary General of the Union, Dr. Mohamed Abdelrahim, Executive Director of Sudan Office, Dr. Shaza Osman Al-Sharif, member of the Board of Directors and Director of International Relations, and Mr. Hafez Al-Hilali, member of the Board of Directors.

From SUST's side, the meeting included Dr. Awadallah Tayfour Ali, Principal of the University, Prof. Amal Omar Bakhiet, Dean of Scientific Research, and Dr. Malik, Director of the Strategic Planning Administration.

Prof. Al-Mahal welcomed the visitors and stated that the meeting is within the framework of knowledge exchange and planning for many distinguished and development projects in various fields. He said, “We aim together to achieve a development map for Sudan in the future. development through health, education, training and scientific research." His Excellency made it clear that the ideas of the university converged with the proposals of the union, stating that it will yield great benefit in the near future.

Dr. Awadallah Tayfour Ali expressed his happiness with the meeting. He said, "The University of Sudan has a great legacy in the field of knowledge and research and has tremendous experiences in various fields."

Dr. Tayfour also indicated that the incoming period will witness a service renaissance in various fields, especially for laboratories enhancement and providing medical training aids. He further explained that they put the university and students' interests as a priority in all the agreements and partnerships implemented and expected in future.

Dr. Amal Hassan Zaki stated that the meeting with SUST's administration is one of the fruitful and promising meetings. It also paves the way for a strategic partnership and future cooperation in the developmental fields and mapping out executive projects and research and production activities through which students and youth are trained.

Furthermore, she added, “We will govern perceptions and exchange ideas, and coordination will be made with the university to come up with proposals for the development of work based on science and knowledge and to increase production in Sudan and meet its ambitions."

Dr. Saad Rashid stressed that the goal is unified, which is development, especially at the health and agricultural levels, and our work program with the university will have a positive result, and we will pay great attention to its implementation, bearing in mind the capabilities of the university and the experiences in it as a prestigious and reputable knowledge institution.

All the attendees emphasized that the ideas exchanged would advance the development and renaissance process in Sudan. They also thanked the union's communication with SUST and valued the university's efforts as an advisory body to exploit the available resources in partnership with the union, noting that this represents an accreditation certificate for joint projects in the future.