SUST Peace Engineering Hub Community Engineering Response Team

Sudan University of Science & Technology: Peace Engineering Hub (SUST-PENG) Community Engineering Response Team (CERT)

Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) in partnership with PEACE Engineering1 and Project ECHO2 is launching the first ECHO for Engineering, on Saturday, July 2nd at 11am CAT. The SUST-PENG hub team, led by Dr. Tagwa Musa, lead faculty and Co-Director of Sudan ECHO Center of Excellence, Fatima Galal, ECHO coordinator, and the hub team, will launch an ECHO program named CERT—Community Engineering Response Team.

CERT is modeled after the highly successful Community Medical Response Team (CMRT) ECHO run by the University of Nebraska Medical Center Sudan Global ECHO Hub3. The CERT ECHO learners, senior engineering students, will join in a virtual community of practice held by the global team from PEACE Engineering.

The first series is focused on Waste Management, as uncollected waste poses a significant problem for communities in Sudan. Curriculum and content have already been developed. From this ECHO, students will be equipped to develop their senior projects and launch entrepreneurial activities for the creation of jobs. As part of the CERT, these students will go out to the community and work together to bring their projects to life for socioeconomic development and community service.

This work is partially supported by the Sustainable Development and Response Organization ( Faculty, staff, and students from the PEACE Engineering program at the University of New Mexico School of Engineering, as well as Peace Engineering Consortium members, are close collaborators. The communities of the following organizations, ISTEC (, IFEES (, and GEDC (, are being asked to engage.

SUST-PENG will be the first hub in Africa to launch on iECHO platform!!!!!

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