Vice chancellor of SUST Addresses the Reception of New Students at the Medical Campus

In the medical campus and under the slogan (Innovate, Create, Accomplish), a celebration was held for the new students for the academic year 2021-2022, under the patronage and honor of Prof. Eisa Bashier Mohamad, vice chancellor of the university, and in the presence of Dr. Awadallah Tayfour, deputy Vice chancellor of the University, Prof. AbuBakr Al-Qurashi, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Prof. Etidal Abu Al-Bashar, Dean of the College of Medicine, Dr. Nada Sanhouri, Dean of the College of Dentistry, Dr. Suleiman Ahmed Babiker, Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Mr Jalal Abdel Rahman, Director of the Center for Private and BTech Admissions, and Dr. Huda Osman Abdullah, Director of Public Relations and Media, in addition to academic staff from the medical campus, students, and their families.

Prof. Eisa Bashier congratulated the students and their families for joining the Citadel of Science and Technology. He indicated that the university’s leadership remains continuous over the years and at all local and international levels. He said, “We have the lead, and excellence in all global and regional classifications, and the university represents a scientific launch platform for many researches .. More than 70 thousand students follow our scientific programs.”

Prof. AbuBakr Al-Qurashi pointed out that studying medical sciences enhances taste and understanding and raises values and morals in all aspects of life. He said, "I am honored to belong to SUST. I call on all students to be proud of their institution, challenge all circumstances, unite and work around them".

Al-Qurashi also pointed out that the students are distinguished and they must maintain their high standards for the university and its good reputation. Furthermore, he encouraged all students to reach academic achievement and study the Holy Qur’an because it is a source of strength and reassurance of souls.

Dr. Etidal Abu Al-Bashar welcomed the new students and emphasized the firmness of the pace and adherence to the principles of science. Her Excellency appreciated the modern curricula of the College of Medicine that keep pace with international academic systems, allowing the college graduates to facilitate openness and communication internally and externally, and also helps grant accreditation to the college.

She said, "We foster creativity and academic excellence. We appeal to the students to participate and contribute to reach the advancement of the college and university and the renaissance of the country".

Dr. Nada Sanhouri called for adherence to good morals and correct behavior and said "students should pay attention to the academic and cognitive aspects to achieve the recognized and required excellence and to acquire advanced knowledge and cooperate in its dissemination" and her Excellency stressed the provision of aid and needs to continue the march of excellence and success .. and working under all circumstances is the slogan of the next stage.

Dr. Suleiman Ahmed Babiker, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, saluted the new students for their successful and sound choice of Sudan University and said "The Deanship of Students provides extra-curricular spaces and activities and takes care of students’ talents and their cultural, sports and artistic creations", and he pointed out the necessity to adhere to the regulations and controls and follow the right behavior in order to preserve their scientific future.

Mr Jalal AbdulRahman presented an enlightenment on the importance of paying attention to the registration procedures and familiarizing with all the regulations and laws that ensure the continuity of students at the university and not fall into problems.

It is worth noting that the program included lyrical and poetic sessions, student creations, and introductory lectures on the contents of the medical campus. It also included a cultural day and a bazaar with student participation, with which all attendees and visitors interacted.