Prof. Eisa Bashier Appointed as New Vice Chancellor for SUST

Today, Thursday, 7 April 2022, in the main campus, Professor Eisa Bashier Mohamed Eltayeb officially took over his duties as the new vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology from Professor Awad Saad Hassan  in the presence of Professor Abdul Azim Al-Mahal, the newly appointed deputy vice chancellor of the University.

Prof. Eisa Bashir Mohamed, in his speech, thanked Prof. Awad Saad and expressed his sincere gratitude to everyone who made an effort and worked hard for SUST. He said, “The next stage requires the dedication of all the university employees, as well as the effort of professors, staff, students, and everyone who is keen on the interest of this country, especially academic stability.”

His Excellency also stated that dealing wisely with the accumulation of student batches is a duty dictated by responsibility to lead students towards graduating and bringing happiness to their families.

He also mentioned that one of their priorities is to improve the income for university employees in general and push the implementation of the new salary structure, as these priorities are part of the most important tasks in the next stage which contribute to achieving academic stability. He also explained that this is in the interest of achieving the basic mission of the university, which is represented in the acquisition and teaching of science, the development of its curricula and its dissemination for the purpose of serving the country, developing its resources and renaissance.

Finally, Prof. Bashir explained that the university's doors are open to receive advice from professors and other staff members, students, alumni and friends, to push the progress of the university forward.

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan expressed his thanks and appreciation to all the university’s employees for pushing forward the process of work and production and for helping him in managing the university, and he values their generosity during that period.

He commented, "A large number of files have been successfully completed.. Thus, the university has assumed an advanced position and a leadership position locally and globally.. Relations with universities in sister countries have also been improved and developed, as well as linking and opening channels of communication with universities and research centers and adopting the university’s academic system with Program systems in the universities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia."

Finally he added, "We had hoped in the next Senate Meeting that we would witness the graduation of large batches of university students and bring joy to the hearts of their families and we hope that this will happen soon at the hands of the new administration."