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British Council & SESA: SUST Students Projects are among the Top five for Social Enterprise Incubators

Professor Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, and the entrepreneurship center administration would like to extend their sincere congratulations to the students who were among the top 5 projects in a Social Entrepreneurship Incubator Program that brought together three universities, Sudan for Science and Technology (SUST), University of Khartoum and University of Science & Technology (UST), for Social Enterprise incubation.

Dr. Tarig Okair, manager of the entrepreneurship center in the university, explained that the whole program is funded and led by the British council, in addition to Social Enterprise Sudan Association (SESA) as an implementing partner, which had a major role in implementing the program in an excellent and professional manner in terms of organization and coordination between entrepreneurship centers in universities and contributing to training.

The program incubated social entrepreneurs from the three aforementioned universities that were selected by the British Council, given that it has protocols with these mentioned universities, and given that they will act as nuclei for all Sudanese universities later, so that they will be the leading universities that will lead the societal work for students, and it was also mentioned that this program targets 21 male and female students as a first batch to incubate from various disciplines of universities, whether it is agriculture, engineering, administrative sciences.

Dr. Okair also mentioned that 7 students from each university were formally selected by the entrepreneurship centers in each university, and these students underwent intensive doses of training in social business management. The incubator lasted 9 months of advanced training for 13 units related to innovative social ideas to find solutions to societal problems.

Training showed impressive results, as many of the trainees came up with wonderful ideas and great projects, Competitions arose among them in the presence of a jury made up of senior professionals and experts and international organizations, including UNIDO and the Arab Organization for Agriculture.

Winning Projects

Project Title: "Afia" (First Place)

  1. Abdalla Moawia Osman Babiker, a 5th year student from the College of Engineering, School of Electronics Engineering

Project Title: "Ballour Fashion House" (Third Place)

  1. Reel Isameldin Mohamedali Elfai , a 2nd year student, from the College of Science, Physics
  2. Omnia Mustafa Fawzi Abdulgadir, a 4th year student from the College of Engineering, School of Electronics Engineering

Project Title: "Daleelak.com" (5th place)

  1. Mojahed Kamal Aldin Ali Mahmoud, a 4th year student from the college of Medical Laboratories Sciences

Other Participating Projects from SUST

Project Title: "The Directory for Complete Solutions and Modern Technologies"

  1. Taha Mohamed Hamza Ibrahim, a 5th year student from the College of Animal Production Science and Technology
  2. Shaima Osman Alnayer Albashir, a 4th year student from the College of Engineering and Technology of Industries, Leather Engineering

Project Title: "My Country"

  1. Omer Abdallah Hamid Ibrahim, a 5th year student from the College of Agricultural Studies, Food Science and Technology

What is the role of the Entrepreneurship Center in Sudan University?

In response to the question above, Dr. Tariq explained that it is a program that is always concerned with developing performance and leadership and administrative skills for students or even professors, and it also raises awareness of the importance of self-employment and the importance of business management, so that the individual does not have to rely on government salary only in facing life's challenges, difficulties and vicissitudes He also said that he always calls for each individual to have his own investments in addition to the job he works in, and this only comes through ideas that are applied on the ground and reap a lot of profits.