In a Festive Atmosphere: The College of Business Studies Welcomes New Students

The College of Business Studies at Sudan University of Science and Technology organized a reception for its new students, which came under the sponsorship of Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university and the supervision of the college and attended by Dr. Elfatih Ahmed Hassan, principal of the university, Dr. Mohamed Mustaffa Mohamed, Dean of the College of Business Studies, Dr. Maha Fadul, Dean of Student Affairs, Galal Abdalrahman Mohammed Hammad, Dean of Admission and Registration, Prof. Abdelazim Suleiman Ibrahim Almahal, the professor of business studies and the economic expert, the heads of departments and professors at the college, and a group of new students and parents, in the "Martyrs of Revolution" Hall, in the university headquarters.

University Principal

Dr. Elfatih Ahmed Hassan warmly welcomed the new students, coining SUST as the citadel of science and knowledge that represents the greatness of the country, and expressed his happiness for the students’ excellence and brilliant success, which qualified them to join the university. He also indicated that this progress would not have been achieved, except for the university’s leadership in the field of research, knowledge, academic excellence and scientific communication.

"We have the best staff whom we count on to push the process of development, progress and stability at the university, and our students represent the real fuel for the knowledge, scientific and national revolution, and we wish them continued success and great achievements," he added.

Dean of College of Business Studies

Dr. Mohamed Mustaffa Mohamed emphasized the excellence of the students of the College of Business Studies with its various courses and specializations in the labor market.

"Receiving knowledge, striving for it, and asking for divine guidance and is a great message that everyone should follow. We promise to add new majors in the college that accommodate all desires in commercial sciences", he added.

He also explained that the college is ready to provide services that enable students to achieve outstanding academic achievement. "The environment is completely appropriate and prepared for new students to receive science and knowledge.. The halls, libraries and college campuses are ready and waiting to embrace them." he added.

Dr. Mohamed Mustaffa Mohamed also introduced the heads of departments and explained about the various departments of the college, and said, “Our doors and hearts are open for all students. Our goal has always been to strive for skill development and to provide the latest in commercial and technological sciences. We motivated this by the students’ enthusiasm, ambition, and their flowing desire to assimilate the knowledge we offer them."