A Joint Cooperation Agreement Between the College of Medicine and Haj-Almardi Mohieldin Teaching Hospital

Within the framework of joint cooperation between the College of Medicine at Sudan University of Science and Technology and Haj-Almardi Mohieldin Teaching Hospital (formerly aka the Academic Hospital), the two parties signed an integrated partnership agreement with the objectives to serve the community, train students, enhance skills, research development and resources utilization, rehabilitation of  infrastructure and capabilities, and exchange of experience. This was achieved under the supervision  of the Ministry of Health in Khartoum State.

The agreement was signed in the presence of Dr. Etedal Ahmed AbuElbasher Ibrahim, Dean of the College of Medicine and representative of the university administration, and Dr. Omar Suleiman Hassan Aljazzar, director of the hospital, Dr. Ammar Ibrahim Ahmed, deputy director of the hospital, Dr. Ayman Suleiman Ahmed, consultant orthopedic surgeon, and Dr. Tasneem Alawad Haj Ali, pediatrician and staff at the College of Medicine.

Dr. Etidal AbuElbasher emphasized the great role that Haj Almardi Hospital plays in serving community, focusing on health and environment, especially for the residents of the densely populated areas in the south of Khartoum.
"Implementation of the agreement will commence at the beginning of August 2021 and we aim to allow the students to benfit from qualified experts, especially since the potential of the unique staff in the hospital is great", she explained.

She also pointed out that the agreement is an opportunity for knowledge exchange between specialists and consultants at the college and the hospital to develop knowledge, research and cross-fertilization of ideas, which would reflect positively and develop the students capabilities, which helps to obtain accreditation for the College of Medicine.

Dr. Omar Suleiman Aljazzar indicated that the agreement represents a real leap and a modern move of great benefit to the hospital with such a university with excellent reputation and academic excellence in various disciplines and fields.
"Our partnership with the university is fertile and fruitful and lies within the interest of serving the community, citizens, students and a healthy environment", he added.

Dr. Aljazzar also explained that the agreement is a great achievement in the field of scientific research and training and linking students to their communities. It also provides an opportunity for the college to include additional medical specialties with medical accreditation, and pointed out that the hospital is fully qualified to embrace students and train them through the available equipment, laboratories, devices and halls, as well as The dialysis center, referral clinics, accidents, operating rooms and the library, and the hospital is full of expertise and knowledge skills that represent an ideal scientific and research incubator.

Dr. Aljazzar also stressed that integrative partnership opens channels and horizons of communication with the various academic disciplines and programs because they are linked to the health sciences. He stressed the need to coordinate with the various colleges of the university, especially engineering, radiology and veterinary medicine.

"We have prepared a tight social and training program for students and linked it to electronic networks, taking into account modernity and development, and we are waiting for the technical and technological support of the university to enrich the experience", he added.

It is worth mentioning that the university delegation made an inspection tour, accompanied by the hospital administration, which revealed the available capabilities, where through it they stood on plans and arrangements prepared for receiving students.