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Deputy Vice Chancellor Inspects the Progress of the Registration Process for New Students in its Fourth and Final Week

Prof Mahdi Abbas Shakak, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, inspected the progress of new students' registration, accompanied by Dr. Maha Fadul, Dean of the Deanship of Student Affairs, Mr. Galal Abdalrahman Mohammed Hammad, Dean of Deanship of Admission and Registration, Mr. Suleiman Ahmed Babiker, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, and Dr. Huda Osman Abdallah, Head of Public Relations and Media.

The group made a tour inspecting the flow of the registration process for new students in its fourth and final week. The two designated centers for registration are the western (main) campus and the College of Technology.

After the tour, Prof Shakak confirmed the feeling of relief sensed from parents due to the smooth flow of registration procedures, which went in a good and convincing manner.

In confirmation of the above, Ms. Hibatallah Hassan, an accepted student at the College of Education, the Department of Preschool Education, and her father, expressed their satisfaction with registration process.

Another accepted student, Ms. Ruba Badr Aldin Mohammad, admitted to the College of Business Studies, Department of Business Administration, added that the registration process took place in record time, in quick harmony and in a perfect manner, as she put it, thanking the university for arrangement, organization and readiness to receive its new students.

Another accepted student, Ali Mohammad Abdel Daim, expressed his happiness and gratitude as his prayers were answered and got admitted into Sudan University. He expressed his deep satisfaction as his desires were fulfilled and got accepted into architecture engineering.