Efforts of Republic of France Promoting High Quality Teaching of French Language

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology, praised the efforts of the French Republic and the French Embassy in Khartoum in performance development and capabilities enhancement, targetting French language instructors. "Training enhances the expected outcomes of work and helps build capacities of employees, therefore, increasing productivity and contributing to building Sudan and achieving sustainable development", he commented.

"The intensive training of French language teachers, which lasts for two years, will contribute to raising the capabilities and qualifying the staff working in language teaching through the acquisition of modern language teaching skills and tools.", the vice chancellor said, when addressing the end of the training course for French language teachers in the faculties of education in  Sudanese universities, namely, Sudan University of Science and Technology, the University of Khartoum, the University of Nyala, Dilling University and the University of Gezira, with the participation of the French ambassador in Khartoum, the cultural cooperation official at the French Embassy in Khartoum, representatives of higher education and public education, the director of the French Center in Khartoum, and a number of academic staff.

Her excellency, the French Ambassador to Sudan, Emmanuelle Blatmann, announced that the number of grants granted to Sudan has been doubled, in addition to allocating 600,000 Euros from the Solidarity Fund for Innovative Projects (FSPI), to support education and training of teachers, trainees and specialists in teaching French language in Sudan for the year 2021/2022. Her excellency also indicated that the fund will send, during the current month, the first batch of 60 French language teachers to France for a month.

Furthermore, while addressing the end of training course, her excellency  revealed that the intended support targets three axes, the first axis is supporting universities through the reform project on the French baccalaureate, in addition to providing fifty training scholarships to travel to France, including ten scholarships for inspectors. French language and 10 opportunities for experts and exam preparers for the French language curriculum.

She pointed out that the training program will be in three places (Sudan University of Science and Technology, the French Cultural Center, and the Teacher Training Institute), and 460 schools and more than 10,000 teachers, students and teachers will benefit from the training program.

She added that the second axis aims to train teachers at the Ministry of Education and is hosted by the National Center for Training 18 national trainers to develop a national plan to train teachers on curriculum of the French language.

She added that the third axis will be through the French Cultural Center for Linguistic, Cultural and Documentary Training for Teacher Training, by training 60 trainers in France and Sudan, 450 directors of the various education sectors, and 100,000 students. The program includes 50 training grants in France in 2021 and 100 grants to train education inspectors and 10 experts for training in the field of French language, examinations and inspections.

She pointed out that the training venue will be at Sudan University of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, three institutes affiliated with the French Cultural Center and 18 schools that have been prepared for training, appreciating the role of partners in supporting the implementation of programs to enhance the profession of teaching French with high quality in Sudan, and that the embassy has multiplied the grants five times over the previous one.

Finally, she noted that France has allocated ten million Euros to support public education through its contribution to printing the French language curriculum, training teachers and training other professions such as agriculture and vocational training, as well as training jurists and lawyers, promising to increase the number of grants by paying attention to those projects that are being put forward.