Female Affiliates of National Service at the University Add shine and Elegance to the New Students Registration Process

The process of registering new students at Sudan University of Science and Technology found praise from the students themselves and their parents as reflected by social media.
Why not ... and the Deanship of Admission and Registration has developed a robust plan in which all possibilities were taken into account and alternative solutions were put in place for the convenience of the students and to preserve the reputation of the university, which exceeded the local and regional levels and emerged globally.

Therefore, we shouldn't forget those who played a large, prominent role in welcoming, organizing and guiding students and parents with a smile on their faces from the main gate until the student completes the registration process, which does not take a long time. The female affiliates of national service at the university, led by Mr. Abdulhalim Mohamed Abdulhalim, played this big role. They were ready to help and to welcome everyone cheerfully.

Greetings to them and to those who contributed to their training and organizing the introductory workshop that preceded this outstanding performance, and greetings and thanks to everyone who contributed to a smooth and successful registration process of our new students, wishing continued success, excellence, progress for our university.