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An Honoring Celebration by the Financial Department for Retired Employees

The Financial Department at Sudan University of Science and Technology held a ceremony honoring its employees who were transferred to the pension and retirement recently. The celebration was organized by the financial administration in the presence of Prof Alfatih Ahmed Hassan, the university principal, Ms Maysoon AbdulRadi, head of the Financial Department, and Dr. Huda Osman Abdullah, head of public relations and media and Dr. Sumaya Ishaq, deputy head of the financial department. The audience included employees of the financial Department and family members of the celebrated.

Prof Alfatih Ahmed Hassan expressed his happiness with the celebration, which represents an appreciation of their efforts, those he described as "the constellation of joy" and commented that the celebrated ones have put a clear imprint on the development process of the university, through their perseverance, dedication, and their creation of the required atmosphere to push the wheel, especially their relationships, interconnectedness and extended communication with their colleagues in the financial administration and all the other campus sites. 

Ms Maysoon AbdelRadi emphasized that honoring those who gave and worked hard is the duty of the entire community and said "He who does not thank people does not thank God". Although the celebration was simple and modest, but it carries essential values and sincere feelings that stem from the heart. Ms AbdelRadi also explained that the honorees worked in the department with all dedication, sincerity and self-denial, and they have borne great burdens and responsibilities, including follow-up, scrutiny, commitment, work pressure, and solutions to many problems that arise during work. Ms AbdelRadi also indicated that honoring must be continued for everyone who gave and spent his time and his age and money at work, and she said "We honor our employees and testify to them of good management, wise leadership, assistance in decision-making, quality of work, beautiful dealing, humanity and good companionship".

The program included entertaining sessions and introductory interviews with the honorees and at the end of the ceremony, certificates of appreciation and souvenirs were distributed to the honorees who expressed their happiness and gratitude to the staff of the financial management at the university amid warm hospitality and appreciation of all attendees. Finally, the organizing committee, represented by Prof Ilham Hassan was honored for their effort and good organization of the event.