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SUST Celebrates the World Intellectual Property Day… Successful Stories for Transfer of Ideas

The Deanship of Scientific Research at Sudan University of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the General Registrar of Intellectual Property in Sudan, participated in the global celebration of the World Intellectual Property Day through the program organized by the Deanship under the slogan (Small and Medium Enterprises and Intellectual Property Transfer of Your Ideas to the Market). The celebration was attended by Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university and Prof Mahdi Abbas Saad Shakak, vice chancellor of the university, Dr. Al-Fatih Ahmed Hassan, principal of the university and Prof Amal Omar Bakhit, Dean of the Deanship of Scientific Research, Prof Seif-Eldin Alamin, Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, and her excellency Ms Iman Muhammad Abdel-Qader Al-Atabani, Registrar of Intellectual Property, in addition to the presence of many staff members, with the participation of owners of small and medium enterprises and a group of advisors in legal, interest and expert levels.

Prof Awad Saad Hassan affirmed their readiness and unlimited support for the projects and ideas of young people and entrepreneurs through the incubator of the Sudan Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He also stated in his speech, the necessity of preserving the intellectual product as it is a national, economic, social and cultural wealth that must be protected through intellectual property. Finally, he explained that the celebration takes place annually in the university, and represents an informative value of intellectual property rights and an insurance and awareness-raising line of defense for patents and innovation in various scientific fields.

Prof Mahdi Abbas Shikak expressed his happiness for participating in the celebration and praised his sovereignty for the role of intellectual property in protecting the rights of creators and inventors, noting that the contribution of ownership in protecting ideas is directly reflected in the national economy. It is carried out through scientific research provided by academic staff and students. He also stressed on their keenness to activate and strengthen the bond with ownership to register those ideas, visions and innovations, and insure the necessity of creating conditions for innovation and development within the requirements for promotion for academic staff at the university.

Prof Amal Omar Bakhit greeted the celebration and explained that their annual initiative represents a critical part of the scientific research programs since is related to all different aspects of life. She also indicated that the deanship has participatory roles with intellectual property to protect new invention patents, indicating that communication extends with them through advice, opinion and cooperation concerns. Prof Amal revealed that they have organized introductory training courses and workshops to raise awareness of intellectual property, targeting academic staff and students at the university.