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Discussing ways of cooperation between the University and the Sudanese Football Association (SFA)

Today at their headquarters, the Sudanese Football Association (SFA), headed by Prof. Kamal Shaddad, president of the Sudanese Football Association, received the delegation of Sudan University of Science and Technology, headed by Prof. Awad Saad, vice-chancellor of the university.   

The SFA side included the deputies, the Chairman of the Women's Football Committe and the Secretary-General of the association. The university delegation included Prof. Ahmed Adam, Dean of the College of Physical Education and Sports, Dr. Maha Fadl, Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Huda Osman, Director of the Public Relations and Media Administration, Dr. Tariq Okair, Director of the Sudanese Center for Self Employment,  Dr. Mustafa Karamullah, Assistant Professor at the College of Physical Education and Sports, and Dr. Suleiman Faisal, head of the Administration department at the College of Physical Education and Sports.

Prof. Kamal Shaddad, president of SFA, considered the visit a major breakthrough in the field of capacity development in the aspect of football activity, and called on the university vice chancellor to activate a memorandum of understanding with SFA for employees development, in order to benefit from the university capabilities in a way that serves the development of football in Sudan. He also mentioned the restoration of the university stadium and utilizing it for SFA activities.

In turn, Prof. Awad Saad congratulated the Association for qualification of the national team for the African Nations 2021 Finals, after defeating South Africa. He also emphasized that all capabilities of the university  will be available for the benefit of football service through the Association, noting that he came to the Association not as a university director but as a football-loving athlete as well.