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Online Senate Meeting No 1-2021: Three Staff Members Awarded the Title of Emeritus Professor

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, vice-chancellor of the university, chaired the Senate Meeting No.1-2021, which was held online and was broadcasted from the main (western campus).

The vice chancellor briefed the senate members on the most recent efforts by the university in its endeavors to offer affordable tablet devices for students and PCs for staff, in order to facilitate the e-learning activities, in cooperation with the Defense Industries System and Omdurman National Bank (OMB). The vice chancellor also conveyed to the audience the initiative of the Minister of Higher Education, Prof. Intisar Soghayroun and Prof. Ahmed Hassan Al-Fahl, Director of the Mycetoma Center, to organize a national committee to construct the new facilities of the college of Fine and Applied Arts with external funding resources.

Prof. Hassan also mentioned the university’s plan to honor innovators in all fields, to raise their morale and to induce competition for professional innovation among staff. He also added that a robust plan had been developed to address the problem of authentication of academic certificates in the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs. He also informed the council about the visit of the university delegation to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Khartoum and the selection of SUST within the Sudanese universities for cooperation and exchange of experiences with Saudi universities.

Prof. Hassan also reassured the council on the smooth process flow of the registration of undergraduate  diploma students, praising Dr. Esam Abakar in this aspect, the Dean of the College of Technology, for their great efforts. He also conveyed to the council that the university had received equipment donated by the British Council, represented by the "Sudan Memory" project, to establish a documentation center at the College of Fine and Applied Arts.

Approval of Academic Applications and Results

The agenda of the meeting and the proceedings of the previous meeting were approved, and the council also approved the recommendations of the three committees of the Council, the Central Examination Committee, the Academic Affairs Committee and the Admission and Registration Committee.

Furthermore, the council approved the applications of mature students submitted from the colleges of Communication Sciences, Physical Education and Sports, Music and Drama, Fine and Applied Art.

Finally, the results of postgraduate students at the doctoral, master's and postgraduate diploma levels were approved, in addition to the results of undergraduate students for a number of colleges.

Approval of Proposals

  • A proposal to restructure the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery was approved for ten semesters
  • A proposal to rename the Master of Science in Petroleum Engineering (by taught courses and complementary research) to the Master of Science in Oil and Gas Engineering (by taught courses)
  • A proposal to change the Master of Islamic Studies program (by taught courses and complementary research) into the Master of Islamic Studies program (by taught courses )
  • The proposal for a postgraduate diploma program in physical education and sports has also been approved
  • The proposal for a postgraduate diploma program in social service
  • The proposal for a transitional postgraduate diploma program in communication sciences
  • The proposal for a transitional postgraduate diploma program in arts,
  • Finally, the council fully endorsed the proposal for restructuring the Secretariat of Academic Affairs, the Deanship of Admission and Registration and the proposal to restructure the Deanship of Student Affairs.

Emeritus Professor Title Awards

The council approved the award of the rank of Emeritus Professor to

  • Prof. Saad Yusif Obaid from the College of Music and Drama,
  • Prof. Prof. Saifeldin Mohamed Elamin Taha from the College of Agricultural Studies,
  • and Prof. Shawgy Hussein Abdullah from the College of Science.


Prof. Hassan expressed his deep gratitude to the leaders and the employees of the Computer Center for their efforts spent in order to facilitate online broadcast of the Senate meeting.