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Governor of South Kordofan Launches the Program of the State Development Plan

Today, in the main campus, the start of the Program of South Kordofan Development plan was announced, in the presence of Dr. Hamid Al-Bashir, Governor of South Kordofan State, Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, Vice Chancellor of the university, Prof. Hunud Abia Kadouf, Director of the International University of Africa, Prof. Mahdi Abbas Shakak, Deputy Vice Chancellor of the university, and a number of college deans, professors and members of the Voluntary Committee for the Development.

Dr. Hamid Al-Bashir addressed the audience and expressed his gratitude to the members of the voluntary committee led by Dr. Malik Mahdi, head of the strategic planning department at Sudan University, who showed commitment to volunteering and put great efforts in developing a strategy for an important part of the country exhausted by war.

Dr. Hamid Al-Bashir also explained that the population in the state is 2.4 million, with the state registering the highest mortality rate for children under the age of five in Sudan, the highest maternal mortality rate, illiteracy, lack of continuing education among youth, and widespread poverty even though it is considered the richest region in Africa in terms of livestock, with more than 10 million head of livestock and rich in gum Arabic, explaining The suffering of the state in the waters, which is the main problem with the weak civil service.

Dr. Hamid Al-Bashir also mentioned that despite all this, the sentiments and feelings of the state's residents are the same as their fellow Sudanese, and wars are the cause of the destruction and the emission of negative energy that needs psychological support. Therefore, in order for societies to recover in the state, Dr. Hamid Al-Bashir valued the role of universities in developing thoughtful scientific strategies that guarantee the success of their implementation programs, and he appealed to the technical team to formulate the strategy to give attention to the global reference that drives thinking in formulating advanced goals and keeping pace with the national plan and familiarity with its information, and to refer to previous plans and studies related to the development the state.

Dr. Hamid Al-Bashir also recommended the necessity of holding regional workshops to benefit from civil society organizations and local leaders in addition to sectoral workshops in the fields of education and health, and paying attention to programs that support women, children and youth as they are the most affected during the war.

Dr. Hamid Al-Bashir also announced that contacts had begun with some funding agencies, such as the US Aid Dabara Company and local organizations to fund the implementation of the plans. He also expressed his thanks to the Sudan University of Science and Technology, which he described as a giant, and to all academics, technicians and people of the region at various levels for their active participation in the strategy, stressing that, with the will of the Almighty, it will cross the state and surpass the current situation into a broader reality.

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, Vice Chancellor of the university, welcomed the audience and explained that the university will follow up the implementation of the plan through the strategic planning department at the university and its director, Dr. Malik Mahdi, and stated that the university has developed a clear plan since 2019 for how to serve the community, especially serving the various states of Sudan through university experts in the different fields and specialties. He appealed to the necessity of setting up a measurement that tracks the implementation of the plan and its commitment to the time limit set for it to reach satisfactory and distinct results according to what is planned.

Prof. Hunud Abia Kadouf, Director of the International University of Africa, stressed the importance of people of South Kordofan dedicating part of their time to participate in the development of the state and the importance of  scientific correct plans and adherence to them in the implementation process to solve many issues, explaining that it is the side that Sudan suffers from, believing in the necessity of seeking assistance from universities in drawing up plans within the framework of universities service to societies, and he declared his complete support for the state.