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Board of Directors Meeting No. 2-2020

Today, the Board of Directors Meeting, No. 2-2020, was held chaired by Prof. Omar Al-Siddiq, who emphasized in his speech that the board members are partners in the university and must have a clear role in achieving its vision, goals and projects.

Vice Chancellor Report for 2020

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, the university vice chancellor, presented the performance report for 2020. He mentioned that the most important achievement of the university was the spontaneous embrace of the spirit of team work, which led to success. He also briefed the audience on the Senate meeting that was held recently and broadcasted online to seven campus sites, permitting the final approval of the results of 4000+ graduating students, whose studies were disrupted for two years due to Covid19 outbreak and the flooding disaster. Prof. Awad conveyed the university’s success in holding exams despite all aforementioned difficulties.

The report emphasized on the university’s decision to proceed with the e-learning process, which found praise at the state level and the Ministry of Higher Education, which considered the University of Sudan as a model for the rest of the universities. Of the education that the university seeks to expand its application area in the near future.

University Principal's Financial Report

Dr. Al-Fateh Ahmed Hassan, principal of the university, presented the financial performance report. He added that one of the main priorities of the budget is to provide distinguished services to students to ensure the achievement of academic stability, in addition to commitment to compensation for employees that help achieve job satisfaction, in addition to its focus on completing projects in the various colleges of the university, especially the medical colleges campus.

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Fateh stated that the budget devoted great attention to training for all university employees in their various categories. Also, among the objectives of the university's budget for 2021 is the implementation of the university’s academic and administrative programs under the slogan “Efficient utilization and development of resources,” which means diversifying resources and not relying on revenues on tuition fees only.