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Senate Council Meeting No. 3-2020 Organised Online

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university, chaired the Senate Council meeting No. (2020-135) which was broadcasted online to the various campus sites. Prof. Awad congratulated the senate members on the second anniversary of the glorious December revolution, mourning the souls of the martyrs and wishing a speedy recovery for the wounded and the injured and the safe return of the missing.

Prof. Awad also congratulated the members on removal of Sudan from U.S. terrorism sponsors list. He also commented on the celebration held by the university on this great occasion.  Also, Prof. Awad appreciated the university’s initiative role and its readiness for such events, by thanking the organizing committee for its efforts and extended his thanks to the Faculties of Fine Arts, Music and Drama and their students for their participation to  express their joy for the revolution.

Also, Prof. Awad  demonstrated his happiness for the graduating  students after stopping for two years and described it as a special day to celebrate, where studying was resumed and  examinations were held in difficult and complex health conditions that everyone witnessed due to the circumstances of the Covid19 pandemic, in difficult conditions that everyone suffered from, including professors, students, employees, guards and workers, and for that, the university succeeded on utilizing eLearning to reduce the accumulation of student batches and thus it wrote  itself in the history of Sudan, as the first university to pick up the gauntlet and fully implement eLearning, where the university became a reference for many higher education institutions in Sudan.

Finally, he thanked the Computer Center, its staff, and its previous and current adminstration, the Secretariat of Academic Affairs, the College of Graduate Studies, the deputy Vice Chancellor office, and saluted the university councils for the massive effort they made in a short time, which found great praise from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.