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A Consultative Meeting between the University and the Embassy of Malaysia in Khartoum

The external relations office of Sudan University of Science and Technology coordinated a consultative meeting between Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university, and the Embassy of Malaysia, represented by the First Secretary of the Embassy, Mr. Mohd Faiz Firdaus Kamaruddin, accompanied by Mr. Muhammad Rafeeq Mohd Razali, the Third Secretary, Ms Hala Hashim Osman, who is responsible for public relations at the embassy. From the university side, the meeting included Dr. Maryam Abbas Ibrahim, head of External Relations. The meeting aimed to develop joint cooperation between the university and Malaysian higher education institutions.

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan welcomed the delegation of the Malaysian Embassy. He indicated that the meeting is an extension of many discussions and consultations that discussed ways of cooperation and opening channels of communication with Malaysian universities. His Excellency referred to the deep and extended cooperation between the university and scientific institutions in the State of Malaysia, which set an example in the renaissance and development, which is characterized by a good reputation in the various research and scientific fields.

During the visit, a framework was drawn up for a memorandum of understanding, which will be signed with the embassy in order to frame understanding and cooperation with the University of Malaysia (UCSI) for intellectual knowledge exchange and training in line with the needs and requirements of both parties in the scientific, academic and research fields.