SUST Holds a Coordination Meeting to Promote Leather Industries in Africa

Prof Awad Saad, vice chancellor of the university, chaired the coordination meeting between the university and the Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute (ALLPI) of COMESA led by the Executive Director of the Institute Prof (Dr.) Mwinyikione Mwinyihija.

Prof Awad welcomed the attendees and the priased the university’s recent participation in the 13th ALLPIs regional forum in Malawi and stated that the university participation has achieved many gains in terms of joint cooperation with ALLPI and COMESA universities in Africa, India and Turkey in the field of leather industry.

Prof Mwinyihija also commented on the close relationship that binds the Institute to Sudan University of Science and Technology through the Leather Industries Incubator since 2014, when memorandum of understanding was signed for cooperation between the two parties in academic and research journals, transfer of technologies and training, in addition to the scientific activities and exhibitions organized by the institute.

Prof Mwinyihija also promised the Institute's commitment to provide opportunities for students from SUST, noting the need to raise the capabilities of small and medium producers in the leather industry, not only in Sudan but in Africa in general in academic aspects, through applied research and the exchange of knowledge and experiences that contribute greatly to solving problems related to leather industries.

Mr. Al-Sunni Hamid, the director of the leather incubator at Sudan University of Science and Technology, appreciated the role of the Africa Institute in providing the incubator's equipment and machinery and providing opportunities for the university to participate in regional exhibitions, calling on the institute to supplement the shortage of leather tannery affiliated with the incubator.

The meeting concluded on the necessity for cooperation between all governmental, private and academic sectors to promote the leather industry in Sudan and Africa as a whole.

Prof Awad Saad announced his commitment to cooperating with all sectors, calling on the institute to provide training opportunities for producers in this field at their various levels, stressing the need to pay attention to leather industries that will contribute significantly to advancing the economy in the country, while making broad awareness of the importance of this sector.