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SUST participates in the 13th ALLPI Regional Consultative Forum for Leather Industries in Malawi

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, university vice chancellor, accompanied by Mr. Sunni Hamid, an engineer and the director of the university's Leather Incubator, returned from Malawi after their participation in the 13th ALLPI Annual Regional Consultative Forum of Africa Leather and Leather Products Institute(ALLPI), which was held in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, with the participation of twelve COMESA countries in addition to India and Turkey .

Upon his return, Prof Awad stated that the forum had discussed the challenges facing workers in the leather industry in general and Sudan in particular, in addition to the activities of ALLPI in the COMESA countries, represented in providing machinery and equipment, holding workshops and concluding memoranda of understanding and other topics that help promote the leather industries movement in the member states.

SUST participated in the forum by presenting a research paper on small and medium producers in the field of the leather industry in Sudan. The university also participated with the delegation of Sudan in presenting the country paper. The University formed a distinguished presence in the academic platform that provided recommendations and proposals.

On the sidelines of the forum, Prof Awad met with the presidents of African, Indian and Turkish universities, and the meetings discussed ways of cooperation with SUST in finding opportunities for higher studies, conducting research and exchanging teaching experiences, in addition to student exchange and twinning with the university in the field of leather industries, and the university also participated in an exhibition of leather industries, where the university incubator won the approval of the visitors.