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Workshop: Open Data Workshop

Al-Shaheed Conference Hall at the university hosted the scientific workshop for Knowledge Management for Open Data organized by the College of Computer Science and Information Technology, in cooperation with the Sudanese Knowledge Society and Impact Hub under the auspices of the Swiss Embassy in Sudan. The audience included students of the college of medicine, professors from El-Neelain University, Camboni College, and a number of interested people.

Scientific papers were presented in the workshop, including a paper entitled

Knowledge Management for Open Data

presented by Yusef Imam, a lecturer at the University of the Future. The paper dealt with how to build an open data scheme that helps the community to benefit from technology, provide data and benefit from it, and the paper indicated the importance of the university appointing the Sudanese community in this the field, because of its technological capabilities, which would serve the community in providing open data in all scientific fields and other disciplines as well as contribute to knowledge management and its multiple uses.

This was followed by a scientific lecture presented by Dr. Hisham Abdullah Mansour, staff at the College of Computer Science, in which he dealt with data science as a new science and its relationship with different sciences, and how to benefit from that by building an open database that is open to contributions. This will help to solve problems faster and develop performance in many scientific and life fields.