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Vice Chancellor Meets the Chinese Ambassador in Khartoum

Prof Awad Saad Hassan, vice chancellor of the university, met with Chinese ambassador in Khartoum. The meeting included the deputy vice chancellor, the university principal, and a number of college deans. Prof Awad praised the strong relations between Sudan and China, which are distinguished in educational, health and agricultural fields, expressing his hope for strengthening cooperation between Sudan University and Chinese universities in the university's various specializations, especially agricultural and oil fields, by establishing joint research, exchanging professors and students, and in the technological aspect in order to push relations forward Especially in light of the current change that Sudan is experiencing, which was brought about by the youth.

His Excellency, the Chinese Ambassador, commented on the depth of the deeply rooted Sudanese-Chinese relations, especially in the economic and educational fields, praising Sudan University and the good reputation it enjoys and being the largest in Sudan.

 He also expressed his readiness for cooperation between Sudan University of Science and Technology and Chinese universities, especially in the field of agriculture, petroleum, graduate studies and scientific research.

Prof Awad explained his gratitude to His Excellency, the Ambassador, for their attendance and suggested that joint committees should be formed to activate aspects of cooperation between the University of Sudan and Chinese universities.