Logo of Sudan University of Science and Technology

About: University Organization

The following distinguished bodies are responsible for the management of Sudan University of Science and Technology

1. The Board of Directors.

2. The Vice-Chancellor.

3. Deans Council (An Advisory Council to the Vice-Chancellor ).

The Management of Colleges is composed of:

1.    The College Council.

 2.  The Dean.

The Management of schools is composed of:

1.   The School Council.

 2.  The head of the school.

The Management of the Departments is composed of:

1. The Department Council.

2.The Head of Department.

The College Staff:

The academic staff is composed of:

1. Professors.

2. Associate Professors.

3. Assistant Professors.

4. Lecturers.

The college academic staff  members are selected by appointment or assignment and supported, as necessary, by delegates from local universities, visiting professors, senior lecturers, senior teachers, instructors, demonstrators, teaching assistants, and technicians.