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The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors draws the general policies and acts as the governing body that administers and oversees all the operations and activities across the University. Its membership is composed of the Vice-Chancellor, the Deputy Vice- Chancellor, the Principal, the Dean of Students Affairs, and a Students’ Representative, in addition to influential juridical personalities that have significant impact on the community.

The Board of Directors is composed of the following :

Dr. Awad Aljaz Chairman of the Board
prof. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed Hussien Vice-Chancellor
prof. Mahir Salih Sulieman Khaleel Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Dr. Abbas Musa Yagoub Musa Principal /td>
Prof.Dr. Ezeldain Mohamed Osman Advisor to the Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Prof.Abdelrahman elzubair Moahmed Secretary for Scientific Affairs
Dr. Abdelgadir Ahmed Osman Dean of Students
Prof. Humodi Ahmed Saeed Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Dr.Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed Dean, College of Engineering
Dr. Yousif Ali Yousif Dean, College of Water & Environmental Engineering
Dr. Sumya Abdelmoneim Mohamed Dean, College of Petroleum Engineering & Technology
Dr. Alsafi Ahmed Abd Alla Dean, College of Medical Radiological Science
Dr.Mohamed Elhafiz Mustafa Dean, College of Computer Science & Information Technology
Dr. Khalda Mergani Hamza Dean, College of Medical Laboratory Science
Dr. Awad Widaa Musa Dean, College of Science
Prof. Dr. Yousif Mohamed Ahmed Dean, College of Agricultural Studies
Dr. Mohamed Abdel Salam Abdalla Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Hassan Mohamed Adam Dean, College of Animal Production Science & Technology
Dr. Mahir Salih Sulieman Dean, College of Forestry and Range Science
Dr.Ezzeldeen Ibrahim Mohammed Dean, College of Education
Dr. Khalid Hassan Mohmed Ismail Den, College of Business Studies
Mohammed Ali Ahmed Dean, College of Languages
Dr.Magzoub Bakhiet Mohammed Dean, College of Communication Science
Dr. Eltayeb Haj Ibrahim AbdelAllah Dean, College of Physical Education & Sports
Dr. Omer Mohamed Elhassan Dean, College of Fine and Applied Arts
Dr.Mohamed Saif eldien Ali Dean, College of Music &Drama
Dr. Mubarak El Mahal ahmed Dean, College of Technology
Dr.Babiker Osman El bashir Chairman of the University Council
Dr. Hadia Mubarak Haj Dean, Institute for Family & Community Development
Dr. Elsadig Mohamed Ibrahim Dean, Institute of Islamic Sciences and Research
Dr. Mustafa Najm Elbushary Dean, Distance Education Center
Alhady Mohamed Ahmed Eltegany Dean, Total Quality Center
Dr.Mohamed Awad Elshikh Dean, Computer Center
Prof. Dr. Amel Omer Bakhiet Dean, Scientific Research Deanship
Prof.Dr. Yasin Mohamed Ibrahim Dagash Co-Chairman of the Academic Committee
Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Khalid Co-Chairman of Central Examinations Committee
Prof. Dr. Saif Al Din Mohamed Al Amin Co-Chairman of Admission & Registration Committee
Dr.haj aba Adam Elhaj Almagabol Head, Center for Studies & Culture of Peace
Dr. Abdelazim Sulaiman Almahl Manager, Finance Department
Mansor Mohamed Ahmed Manager, Engineering Department
Dr. Abdelrahman Ibrahem Mostafa Manager, Self-Assessment & Quality Assurance
Bhageil Taifour Bhagiel Manager, Administration & Services
Sefeldain Suliman Ibrahim Manager, Personnel Affairs
Huda Osman Abdallah Manager, Information & Public Relations Department
Mohamed Ali Akasha Executive Director of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Hanan Sid Ahmed Alawad Executive Director for the Deputy of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor
Muamar Ahmed Ali Executive Director of the Office of the Principal
Police Lieutenant Colonel/Abdelrahman Mohamed Zain Abu Kasawi Manager, Security & Safety

First: Members of the Board of Directors:

  1. The Chairman of the Board.
  2. The following members, by virtue of their positions:
  • The Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Deputy Vice-Chancellor.
  • The Principal who serves as the Rapporteur of the Board.
  • Dean of Students Affairs.
  • Secretary for Scientific Affairs.
  • Dean, Deanship of Libraries Affairs.

Members selected from inside the University as follows:

First: Three (3) staff members, two (2) of them shall not be members of the Faculty Staff.

Second: Two (2) members selected by the Students' Union, among them the Students' Union President.

Third: Eight (8) members selected by the Faculty Council, three (3) of them shall be Deans of Colleges.

Members from outside the University:

  • Twenty-one (21) competent and efficient members from outside the university who have significant interest in higher education and national concerns to be appointed by the Patron of the University upon the recommendation of the Minister of Higher Education.
  • The duration period of the Board shall be four (4) years effective from the date of formation.
  • In the event a vacancy in the Board of Directors occurs, such vacancy shall be filled in accordance with the applicable regulations in force.

Second: Board Committees:

1- The Executive and Finance Committee:

In addition to all other powers conferred upon and vested in this Committee pursuant to the Basic Regulations, it shall be empowered with the following authorities and jurisdictions:

¯A) Preparing annual budget proposals of the university for submission to the Board, provided it should include the estimates of revenues for the next fiscal year, in addition to estimates of expenses and the previous year's final accounts, including the expenses charged against the reserve, and preparing any additional estimates, as required, to be submitted to the Board.

B) Inviting any person to attend any of its meetings, provided that such person shall not be entitled to vote.

2- Committee of Policies and Promotion of Academic Levels:

The functions of this Committee include the approval of the reports submitted to it by the Faculty Council with regard to the following:

  1. Establishing Sections and Departments in Colleges, Institutes and Centers
  2. Upgrading Sections to Departments.
  3. Upgrading Departments to Colleges.
  4. Establishing Colleges, Institutes and Centers.
  5. Any other tasks assigned to it by the University Board.

3- Student Affairs Advisory Committee.

Third: SUST’s Executive Committees

The operational work in the university is managed by the following Councils and Committees chaired by the Vice-Chancellor:

  1. Council of Deans.
  2. Central Planning Committee.
  3. Appointments & Promotions Committee.
  4. Central Promotions Committee.
  5. Central Training Committee.
  6. The Advisory Committee for Admission at Own Expense.

Fourth: Councils of Colleges and their Jurisdictions:

The Formation of the Council:

The College Councils, Centers Institutes, and Schools, except the College of Graduate Studies, the College of Technology and the Center of Distance Education, are formed as follows :

The Dean Chairman
The Deputy Dean Member
Head Departments Members
Registrar & Rapporteur Member
aculty Staff at the level of professor Members
Three (3) members from outside the university of acknowledged scientific expertise and competence, to be nominated by the Dean and submitted for the Council’s approval in its first meeting.
Representatives from Colleges and other academic related Units in the University (whose number will be specified by the Faculty Council in its first meeting) provided that their number shall not exceed five (5) persons.

The Council’s jurisdiction :

  1. ¯Preparation of plans and programs related to the implementation of curricula, examinations, ensures effective coordination between different departments and makes recommendations to the Faculty Council.
  2. ¯Providing recommendations to the Faculty Council on the regulations relating to curriculum to obtain scientific degrees, and any other matters relating to scientific activity.
  3. ¯Bringing recommendations before the Faculty Council for conferring scientific degrees (other than Honorary Degrees), and granting awards.
  4. ¯Nominating persons to the Faculty Council for appointment as examiners.
  5. ¯Address any matter relating to the academic tasks as referred to it by the Faculty Council.