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Deanship of Quality and Development Congratulates Attendees of the HE Staff Performance Enhancement Course

Prof. Omer Mohamed Elhassan Darma, Dean of the Deanship of Quality and Development at Sudan University of Science and Technology, addressed the final events of the training course of HE Staff Performance Enhancement, which was organized by the Secretariat of Scientific Affairs in cooperation with the Deanship of Quality and Development.

Prof. Darma expressed his happiness at holding the course despite the current exceptional circumstances, and saluted the spirit of enthusiasm among the students and their active participation that enriched the discussion sessions, which led to wider understanding and achieved benefits. He also called on the attendees to apply the knowledge they acquired from the course on their teaching process to reach the desired quality.

Dr. Muhannad Hassan Ismail, Director of the Training and Capacity Building Center at the Deanship of Quality and Development, praised the attendees for the spirit of commitment and eagerness that he felt among the students to attend, continue and persist without interruption in their desire to obtain more doses that help them in the course of their teaching activities, wishing them success.

Prof. Ahmed Koko Suleiman Daldum, the representative of the course attendees, expressed  gratitude for the great effort of the Deanship and the course instructors, explaining that the course added a lot to the attendees in terms of skills development, improving and refining their teaching skills that are in the interest of the students and adding up constructively towards the promised green future of Sudan.

Finally, certificates were distributed to the 20 course attendees from the various colleges of the university in the training course, which lasted for three weeks, and the conclusion of the course was attended by Dr. Omar Aradib, a staff at the College of Education.