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جامعة السودان تكرم طلبة الهندسة الكهربائية الذين نفذوا مشروع خيري لتوفير المياه بمنطقة أولاد تمساح بكردفان

In a honorary ceremony that shook the corners of the Deans Hall with applause and overwhelming joy, SUST honors a group of electrical engineering students, batch 31, who set up a charitable project for an enhanced irrigation well in the village of Awlad Toumsah in Kordofan. The activity was funded by the estimated cost of graduation celebrations. It is worthy to mention that the well provides water supplies to at least 2000 inhabitants in the area.

The group of students consists of

-- Muddathir Al-Tijani Ali

-- Mujahid Mohsen Awad

-- Muayad Khalid Hassan

-- Muhammad Ali Abu al-Qasim

-- Tariq Issa Al-Tayyib

-- Hashem Omar Hassan

-- Nabil Ali Idris

-- Muhammad Mustafa Al-Zain

-- Ahmed Muhammad Saleh

The students aimed at changing the concept of extravagant spending in graduation ceremonies and benefiting from funds in a useful work that would benefit people and the country with fruitful, remunerated services, in addition to considering it a good habit to be followed, and an approach of which is better to be followed by all batches and graduates.