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Vice Chancellor Participates in the 9th Diaspora International Conference

Prof. Awad Saad Hassan, the university, participated in the ninth Diaspora International Conference on migrants and rebuilding Sudan in a way that achieves the goals of sustainable development 2030. At the beginning of his speech he welcomed the attendees and Prof. Allam Alnour Osman, head of the World Organization for Sustainable Development at the United Nations and founder and president of the Sudan Knowledge Platform.

Prof Awad expressed his happiness to participate, acquainting the audience with the experience of Sudan University of Science and Technology, in the initiative and implementation of the elearning process in light of the conditions that the country went through from the Covid19 pandemic and the flooding disaster that led to the disruption of teaching activities for a period of two years, which resulted in the accumulation of student batches.  All these issues led the university to employ elearning support during 2019.

Finally, Prof Awad reported to the audience a summary of the recent Senate Council meeting No. 3-2020, which was broadcasted online to the various faculties of the university through the university video conferencing platform, and the success of the Council in the graduation of 4,000+ students.