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Vice Chancellor Congratulates the Graduates of 2020

It gives me great pleasure to congratulate the students who graduated after their results were approved at the Senate meeting today the 24th Dec 2020, which was held online and attended by more than 250 members distributed over more than five centers in the various faculties of the university.

The courses were completed and with these great efforts, the university was written in history as the first sudanese university to initiate and implement this type of education during the outbreak of the pandemic in Sudan.

Furthermore, the examinations were held despite all these difficult circumstances and a number of 4,693 graduated students had their results approved today at the Senate meeting.

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to the Computer Center and its previous and current management and all the technicians working in the center. Also special thanks to the coordinators of eLearning in the various faculties and the Secretariat of Academic Affairs and its previous and current management. 

Thanks are extended to the Central Examinations Committee for their great effort in reviewing and approving results, in addition to the College of Graduate Studies, the university principal and his office, the university councils, the board of deans, the faculties councils, their department councils, and all the professors and other staff. Finally, we say to ourselves and our students, "You have reached a major milestone today and may you have a blessed life and lifelong success anywhere in the world."


Today we are overwhelmed with great joy by this great achievement, after two years, as the study was continued in difficult and complex conditions, due to the first wave of covid19 pandemic, followed by the floods disaster and now we are facing the second wave of Covid19. All these issues made the university strongly determined to move towards elearning with fast steps. An enoremous effort was made such that obstacles were overcome.